Alongside our advisory services, our technology will provide best-in-class decision making capabilities that will enable our customers to gain a deeper insight into the financial and social impact of their assets and portfolios.

PIMs is an intelligent cloud-based solution providing ESG and strategic portfolio insights, including accurate valuation, performance and investment intelligence essential to;

- Meeting regulatory requirements
- Identifying areas of significant investment and retention

- Mitigating exposure to risk
- Highlighting key net zero & sustainability factors
- Informing social value and direction


Combining RESAM's own asset management capabilities and discipline and the deep industry experience of the team, our proprietary approach is allowing clients to enhance their real estate investment and asset management processes to improve risk-adjusted efficiency and performance.


RESAM combines extensive construction, engineering and contract administration experience with a deep understanding of the local real estate market and clients' strategic objectives to deliver a quality service.

The team is providing end-to-end project management, thereby driving efficiencies and maximising output.